Starting Over After 4.x.x Boot Loop

Like others here, a jailbroken ATV2 that I purchased developed the black screen boot loop. I couldn’t fix it so I used Seas0nPass to upgrade the firmware to 5.0.1 so I could have an untethered jailbreak, and started over.

I installed XBMC and add my favorite add-ons so I am back in business. But I am not sure about the other stuff that used to be on the old jailbreak. I purchased the unit jailbroken as an experiment. It had Infuse and Nito too as well as XBMC. Do I really need these? I can put them back if I do, but I don’t recall using anything except XBMC. Perhaps I am missing out on something?

It’s totally up to you which items are installed, but the nice thing about Infuse in particular is that it will provide many of the features provided in XBMC but allow you to stay in the native Apple TV interface.

A bit more info on setting up Infuse can be found here.