starting from scratch?

ok, I have had this on going issue, where infuse on my Apple TV 4K is not putting my recently added movies in the recently added section. I have deleted the app, removed the appleID, signed back in, and it is still doing the same thing. So, I want to start from scratch, how would I do this? where do I find the meta data it saves? how do I keep the app from remembering the share and sign in manually. I want to start as if this is my very 1st time setting infuse up. suggestions? Thanks.

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You’ll have to delete the Infuse iCloud storage from either an iOS device or from a Mac. I know on a Mac it’s in

System Preferences > iCloud > Manage. There you can delete the Infuse back up.

Just looked, in iOS you go to

Settings > Click on your Name > iCloud > Manage

Before you start from scratch, you may check a few things.

Are you seeing the same items at the top of the recently added section, even after adding new files? If so, you may take a look at the actual file dates on those files, as Infuse will use these to determine which files are new.

In the past we’ve seen a few cases where file dates were set way in the future, which would cause those files to appear at the top of Recently Added for a long time.

Yes, this problem just started after the last update. Things that were added over 2 years ago started appearing at the top, and stuff that I just added today and yesterday not showing in the recently added at all. This is really annoying, before it was just happening on 1 Apple TV, but now it’s happening on all 3, and again didn’t start until after latest update.

ok, at a loss here. deleted the backup from iCloud, deleted app from all devices, downloaded app again, and still same issue. things that were added over 2 years ago, and things I don’t even search for or watch, are showing up at the beginning of the recently added list. further more, I tried removing the recently added favorite, and added it again, and that hasn’t helped either, not I have to go into the recently added, instead it being right below the library tab, how do I put it back where it originally was? honestly I have done everything except setup a new trakTV account, buy a new NAS, and use a different appleID. this app was fine up until a year ago, guess I gotta go back to putting my new movies in it’s own folder.

ok, how would I reset the dates, check them, or get them to go back to there original added date?

Did you do as James suggested and check the file dates on the ones that are sticking at the beginning of recently added? I’ve seen files with a date in the future that will cause exactly that.

yes I did, and they have the date from 2 years ago, not only that, these are recently added TV shows, not movies, something I didn’t realized until I double checked titles.

Was that date created or date modified?

Can you post a screenshot of the file dates? And maybe the folder dates as well?

Also, what type of device are you streaming from? Using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

how would I do either of those things? I can go on Mac and see them, but how would I get this info from appleTV?

I believe that James wants you to while on the Mac do a “Get Info” on the files and do a screen cap showing the get info for the files that are sticking at the front of your recently added list. Infuse uses those dates so he can see what you have.

As to if you are using UPnP or DLNA, in Infuse go to Settings > Shares > Saved Shares > Select the one that has your recently added files on it > Select “Edit Share” > Protocol (tell us what it says after “Protocol”

It should say something like DLNA or UPnP or SMP or FTP, etc.