Start again from fresh?

Hi, I’ve recently taken delivery of a jailbroken Atv 2, which has the 5.2 software and has xbmchub added.

Because I’m something of a perfectionist (!) then I’d like to wipe the Atv ‘clean’ and update to the 5.3 software before re-jailbreaking with seas0npass and then add xbmc from scratch, not through xbmchub (which I’m told has lots of ‘bloatware’)

I can’t find anything on the net which has instructions to ‘start again’ - anyone know how to get started or where I should be looking for answers?


Just jailbreaking to 5.3 using seasonpass will wipe it clean.

Thanks Carpenter I did as you said and now have a clean jailbroken aTV 2. Thank you.

Hey Superstylin69,

i have exactly the same question. So you installed XBMC Gotham via Nito Installer? And also Nito TV? Or is this not necessary? What else do you need, to get for example Xstream working?
Any help would be appriciated!


Hi Julia

I did a clean jailbreak by downloading the latest seas0npass and then paid for aTV flash (black) to install XBMC Gotham and Nito etc. if I were you I’d have a go with Nito installer first since I’m currently asking for a refund on ATV flash since most of what I paid for doesn’t work.

If you have XBMC already you can do a “fresh start” by instaling the fresh stert app and it’ll clean up XBMC to bare XBMC:

If you don’t have XBMC you can install it via command line with Putty: How to install XBMC 13.0 Gotham on Apple TV 2

Great, thanks alot for your fast answers. I´ll try that tonight at home and let you know if i could do it… :slight_smile:

P.S.: @Carpenter940: Does it mean, i´m installing a beta of Gotham if i´m doing it like in your 2nd step? Is it better than installing it via Nito Installer?

Thanks again for your time!

The nito installer will most likely install the latest so either way is good.

If you want to install a specific version then:

 Take a look at to find your preferred version. Make a note of the URL of that version. Right click the URL and select "copy link location"

        EXAMPLE: FRODO is:

Open up Putty to log in to your ATV2:

Continue to enter the following commands:

    rm -f *xbmc*.deb


        EXAMPLE: wget

    dpkg -i *xbmc*.deb

    rm *xbmc*.deb

To find out what version of XBMC you are running go to XBMC main menu > System > Lower submenu > System info. Note the build date.


nice, thanks for your answer! So, YES! i got XBMC 13.2 and Nito TV on my Apple TV. :slight_smile:

I also figured out how to install addons from a zipfile. I was very happy and installed xstream and but sadly non of each is working. = error. script failed and xstream shows [errno7] and then displays my search but won´t play anything.

oh help, did i miss anything during the installation? i´m really sorry for asking all these - hopefully not - studid questions and that you can help again.

thanks so much!