Stargate SG-1 in Infuse 5

I have a little problem with the app with only one series (actually Stargate SG-1).
I can see de first 4 episodes of the season 3 but from the episode 5 (to the last of the season), when I click on the episode to see it, the app show me the “upgrade to pro” tab and I’m unable to see these episodes :frowning: Is it normal ? Can someone help me ? :slight_smile:

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Some video formats will require Pro, so it’s likely the first few episodes are in a different format than the later episodes.

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Actually they are all in AVI format but thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Got it.

It will really depend on what’s inside. Some AVIs can be played in the free version, others require Pro.

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One common reason for requiring the Pro version of Infuse is due to the format of the audio track (such as AC3 or DTS) in the video file which requires software that Firecore license.from Dolby (which is why it is only available in a paid for version of Infuse).

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