Star Wars Special Editions/Prequels Video_TS Menu Issue

I was wondering if anyone using the Media Player to view Video_TS files has come across the same issue I have trying to watch the Star Wars Special Editions and Prequels? I can’t seem tko select anything from the menu options and therefore can’t play the movies. Anyone else come across this problem and solved it?


Which tool was used to backup your DVDs?

Are you running the latest 0.7.1 version of Media Player?

Mac The Ripper to clone the DVD and yes, latest version of Media Player is installed.

Of all the DVDs I’ve tested so far, it’s only the Star Wars DVDs that seem to have this issue.



Looking into it…

Thanks very much!




I got the exact same problem, still. Even when updating to the latest 1.0 release i am not able to select from the menu.

Any indication of how to do that would be appreciated.