Stand alone Infuse sunsetting?

After the thread announcing the New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex and being marked as in progress it looks like the stand alone version of Infuse that doesn’t rely on another server package app may be heading toward becoming a legacy product.

For those who continue to prefer not to have to manage the dance between two apps to have a reliable media player will there be any further actual feature development for Infuse only? A large number of the recent developments that have been implemented have been tied to a server package that stand alone Infuse has not been able to benefit from.

It’s understood that Firecore needs to head in a direction that is most profitable and that may not fit with the needs of some of the original users that adopted Infuse as their choice of video player so a little more insight as to where that leaves Infuse purists would be greatly appreciated.


The changes for media server connections will not have an impact on direct connections, and these will continue to be an option going forward.

The goal with developing a more direct integration with media servers is to provide a better experience for those who prefer to use these to manage their libraries, but running this extra server software will never be a requirement for using Infuse.

As a point of reference, currently ~75% of Infuse users are using a direct connection.


Then why not prioritize the fleshing out of long-delayed, inexplicably missing UI features for the 75% of users who only use Infuse, above adding a slew of features for the 25% of users utilizing external media managers that haven’t yet been added to your own version of Infuse?

You got us all excited promising to finally add several of the most requested ones a couple months ago — but they keep getting pushed back and pushed back and currently have no eta at all.

Also wish you’d take a break from chasing down every one-off codec issue and pivot to working full-time checking items off the to-do list … the fixing of UI bugs and the addition of missing features.

Firecore — commit to an infrastructure week!


It will be, though, if that’s the only way Infuse users will be able to get proper media management. :man_shrugging:t2:


With all that needs sorting I think it may need more than a week…however I 100% endorse the sentiment.

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This addition addresses a long-standing pain point many people have been experiencing, and in many cases prevents them from using Infuse at all. This isn’t great, and has been on our list to look at improving for some time. This is not about adding a slew of features, but providing an efficient and fast way to browse these media servers.

There are of course many other good features and suggestions which you referenced (some of which are actually scheduled and/or in progress for the same 7.6 update), and others which we hope to add after the release of 7.6.

At the end of the day, allocating development time between playback quality, features, and bug fixes (not to mention new OS updates from Apple) is a constant challenge that we are always adjusting in an effort to delight the highest number of people possible.


I would humbly say that quite a few of those in progress/scheduled features have been thus for a very long time and have been put back on several occasions.
I would actually be thrilled to be one of the ~75%
Or that’s what I thought until I saw the post about direct connections to Plex.
This has got me really curious about where this goes so I guess I’m gonna have to keep Plex around for a while longer.

But anyway thanks for your response. It’s really appreciated.


Just to clarify for an ol’ curmudgeon, are you saying that 75% of Infuse users are only using Infuse and not including a media server like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin?

If this is the case then wouldn’t improving Infuse in the ways that have been discussed give the 25% even more reason to switch to infuse only instead of running an additional server if Infuse was able to handle their needs alone? (and also go toward filling the requests and increasing the customer satisfaction of the 75%)

It would seem that as long as Infuse is developed by one group and the servers are being developed by three others there really isn’t any way to guarantee that all parties will attempt to remain compatible and therefore obligating even more development time to try to stay compatible for Infuse?

I too appreciate you bringing this to light and I’m no fortune teller so full speed ahead and hopefully we’ll all get what we hope for in the future.


I currently use Emby, but only because I need the ability to customise my metadata. I’d ditch Emby in a heartbeat if Infuse had (to me) the one crucial missing feature:

I will say though, I don’t think you’ll ever get all of those 25% to convert to full-Infuse, as not everyone is all-in on the Apple ecosystem. I’m sure many of them are (myself included), but some need the ability to access their media on non-Apple devices.


I definitely would switch.

However this direct mode does have me curious to be honest.

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would be possibile to add shared folder without indexing it ?


Yes. And it already is👍🏼.

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Maybe there are thousands of people waiting for the 7.6 that you don’t know. Many of us don’t use Infuse because we had bad experiences of connecting Emby/Jellyfin/Plex. So you are into the survivorship bias.

Yes, that’s correct. 25% of users are currently using a media server, but it’s likely that number is a bit suppressed as the inefficiencies in this area may prevent some from using Infuse as their go-to option. Maybe the real number is 30 or 35% - so 5-10% of users who are currently blocked from using Infuse.

I’m not sure the goal is really to get everyone to switch to a direct connection. That’s where Infuse started, and it makes sense for many - but for those that want to use a media server due to reasons, Infuse needs to work better. Overall, it’s really just about meeting people where they are at with whatever hardware, video types, etc… they have and just make things work.

That is always a risk, and over the years there has been a handful of things we’ve had to address with various media server updates (like this recent one) - but there hasn’t been anything too crazy that would prevent Infuse from being used.


And isn’t this even more true for the 75% who want Infuse to become full featured and fully function on its own?

I’m not against Infuse improving things for media server users. But I won’t be happy if you put your energies there instead of taking care of all the lingering UI bugs and give us vanilla Infuse users at least per-category sorting preferences; so I can use “sort by filename” on movies, where it works; and “sort by title” for TV series and Collections where the former most definitely doesn’t -— as I’ve previously conclusively demonstrated. “Sort by filename” is impossible to achieve for both TV Series and Collections


If I may, I would like to say I personally think you’re right, it’s the perfect approach.

And I can also offer the reasons why I’m not currently considering using Infuse directly without my Plex server.

First, well, my movie and TV show collection is already there on Plex, and so much of all the metadata has been painstakingly customized throughout the years. For now, I can’t imagine starting all over again. I first explored the possibility of using Infuse recently because I really wanted to use something else than the hopelessly bug-ridden Plex client app on Apple TV. For my specific situation, Infuse + Plex is the perfect combo.

Second, a huge part of the reasons I’m using Plex is for music, and Plex (and Plexamp specifically) offers an experience I just can’t find anywhere else. So as long as I need my Plex server for music, I might as well keep my already configured and customized setup for movies and TV shows too. I have no real need to change that part. All I want is to be able to use the spectacularly great player Infuse offers.

So the news of a direct mode with the goal of improving the whole experience sounds great to me!

It’s only my own personal experience, but that’s why I recently became an Infuse customer.


When I started using Infuse, they had recently switched over to TMDB metadata (I had been using Kodi and all my TV was from TVDB). I liked Infuse enough to do exactly that. It was tedious for sure … but in actuality there weren’t all that many series or episodes that needed to be fixed … as a percentage of my then somewhat smaller collection. A lot of filename updates for compatibility, especially with regard to differences between the two providers in movie and series release dates.

I did all this with the assistance of Kodi; and checking move titles when they didn’t scrape correctly, and TV series episode order, against the TMDB database via TMDB’s website.

[ During this process, I actually spoke with the creator of the official Kodi TMDB scraper and convinced him to update his python script so that cast and crew were better represented in the .nfo, in part because Infuse doesn’t recognize <order> tags in .nfo — as Infuse’s TMDB-derived database appears to do — instead just listing cast members in the order they are written in the .nfo. Previously the Kodi TMDB scraper would write guest stars first, then season regulars at the bottom, and save the main cast for the tv.nfo (which Infuse ignores). So we flipped that around, so the series’ stars came first — as they are ordered on TMDB. ]

The only task left after that was to go through my library and locate files that were identified successfully, but as the wrong movie or series. I came up with a system for that; and then I was done.

Like I said; tedious. But once that project was finished … Infused worked quite well; and I would even import titles without running them through Kodi first. In fact, I’ve been having Infuse import my entire collection using only my local artwork — no external servers, no local .nfo — and Infuse does that very successfully (especially since I’ve learned how to name my troublesome files and how to update or fix TMDB’s database when sloppy entries made there are the cause of any issues with Infuse).

Infuse is great to use; and will be even more so when a few more key features and bug fixes are made, finally giving vanilla Infuse users more power to filter and sort their libraries.

Hoping that happens sooner than we all might expect, given how several of the key promised updates keep getting pushed back. :crossed_fingers:t3:

I’d love to know how many of the 25% are using Plex (etc) servers because they really want to, and how many would happily ditch the Plex server if Infuse was more capable of customization.
I’m in the latter camp.


At a guess…

Anyone who uses Plex for Music.
Anyone who shares their media even if it’s just with family in the home. (Until Infuse gives us profiles)

I would Imagine there are many more scenarios.

Personally I just can’t be bothered curating music anymore so I switched to Apple Music.

So for me that just leaves profiles and the well documented list that @FLskydiver compiled of other bugs and issues.

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I run both plex and emby servers on my nas. I also run multiple TVs in my house with apple tv or nvidia shield. For the apple tv i run infuse connected to the plex server (since intro skip is implemented using the plex server, but not for emby server) since what i view is synced between infuse on apple and plex on shield which wouldn’t work if i was using a stand alone non server infuse setup.
For me this was the major selling point to be able to use plex server and have my viewings and progress synced between different devices and different OS.