Hi. Just bought the lifetime app. Hoping it was a solution to my problem. All my uhd files won’t play. After a few minutes it starts to stutter. It is with the plex integration and with smb and with nfs. Wired gigabit connection to the nas and atv.

Atv 4k model
Samsung uhd non hdr model

Attached one of the movies I have trouble with.

I think I already tried everything.

Thanks in advance

Same here

Plex Integration is very good concerning the metadata… but is not the best concerning the streaming performance.

With Plex Integration I have sometimes stall or crash of the connexion, without… no problem at all.

Have you tried the different SMB options in Infuse?

Settings > Network > Shares > Saved Shares > (select share) > Edit Share (near the bottom of screen) > SMB Version > Auto, SMB3, SMB2, SMB1, Legacy

I use auto without problems but others have reported that switching to “Legacy” cured buffering problems.

I’d say try them all and see if any help your issue.

You can try FTP as well, seems to have less overhead. I can get full saturation of my gigabit connection(~115MB/s) using FTP to my PC, but only about 80-90MB/s with Samba.

If this is happening with all your files, there is a good chance it may be related to a network speed issue - perhaps due to a bad cable or some other issue which is downgrading your gigabit connection to something slower.

Of course, if you are able to send in a report from your device we can double-check to make sure there’s nothing else going on.

Ok I will try the above mentioned solutions. And I will keep you guys posted. Thanks for the help

In my case it is related to Plex. If the Plex server is stalling (it append frequently, when it update it’s library or try to render a video for someone else), even if the gigabyte connexion is very very good, if i use the Plex Integration my video playback has some issue. with the same plex server stalling… If I don’t use the Pex integration, everything is fine. Plex Integration in Kodi has the same trouble.

Ok, it sounds like there may be a bottleneck somewhere on your server. Are you able to see any stats when Plex is transcoding to other clients, particularly with regard to CPU and disk IO usage? If either of these are maxed out it could in fact impact your server’s ability to stream to other devices, even though Infuse does not require any transcoding.

I already send in a report because it is still the same. I tried everything suggested in this post. the latest i tried is NFS with a config you suggested to another member.
today i had a second problem maybe not related but while i had a stutter the app froze completely. i could swipe down but i couldn’t return to main menu of the app.

the code from the diagnostic is X4GZF

Are you sure your gigabit connection is transferring at gigabit speed?? I only mention that because you know, cheap cables and routers can be an issue. You can verify by connecting a laptop to the same ethernet cable, and transferring a large file to make sure you’re getting at least 10-15MB/s transfer speed.

Hi I just tested this with a laptop and over the share I got a consistent 113 MB/s


Hi James.
I already made a ticket. Ticket #103909
But up till today I haven’t had a reply.

For the rest tested the network and there is no problem. Please advise