Stack rewind/fast-forward

When using rewind or fast-forward 10s, Infuse waits until that portion of the video has loaded before it will allow another click. I would like the ability to keep tapping/pressing the button and adding to the amount that it is changing, even if the current new frame hasn’t loaded. This is especially noticeable when on WiFi devices they may take a few seconds to load. In this case if I want to rewind thirty seconds I have to press the button, wait to load 3s, press again, wait again 3s, then press the last time and wait 3s again.

Also show the current count as it progresses: 10s, 20s, 30s

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What device are you seeing this on? I just tried on the ATV and it appears to stack on mine. I just did a minute with 6 rapid pressed both forward and back.

iOS and iPadOS same thing as both are WiFi devices. You have to make sure you are at a spot that hasn’t cached already though. Try skipping ahead and then see.

I may be doing it wrong but I just jumped 5+ minutes in just a few seconds of clicking forward and then went back in the same time. The ATV is on Ethernet so that may be the difference.