SSH/SFTP Connection

Hi there, hopeflly one of you guys can help me out. I have been trying to login with Putty to my Apple TV, but i keep getting a ‘access denied’.
I followed the instructions from the wiki, checked the username and password for several times, tried Winscp, but nothing seems to work!
Tried to find an answer through google first, but the right one isn`t there. Hope you guys can help me out so i can start working on setting up the torrent client, thanks in advance!

You need to login via a terminal the first time to accept the SSH key on your machine from the AppleTV, after that, any GUI application will work.

Ok, thanks. Could you elaborate a little bit on that? How can i do that? Im sorry if the question sounds a bit silly, but im fairly new to this thing and can`t find information on the subject on the net.

What OS are you on?

If any flavor of *nix, including OSX (bsd based), you just open up a terminal and type:

SSH frontrow@“AppleTV”

where “AppleTV” is the IP of the AplleTV box. It will ask you if you want to accept the key, type yes, then enter the password, which is also frontrow. Then you can type exit and you asre done.

If you are on Windows, you can do the same by using Putty.


Sorry, see that you are on windows now, since you use putty already.

You should be able to open up a terminal using it, and then just accept the key.

Hi, ive tried exactly that, but it doesnt work :(. In the meanwhile ive found an option in Nito TV which states SSH enabled. Its default is ‘off’. But i cant get it to turn 'on'. Weird stuff right?Its probably something insanely simple…:(. Thanks for your help!

You can ignore it if it is from inside NitoTV, SSH is on anyways.