ssh password


I looked all over the forum for any posts regarding changing the ssh password on aTV. Could not find one!! Is it even possible?? Why was that not included with Bash??


Bump… Any news on this

Is there any update on this?  This seems like a HUGE security hole!!! Why would you not allow savy users (or admins for that matter) to change the frontrow, or even root password?  Locking this down, allows someone on the network to access the AppleTV and do some damage.  BUMP!!!

It’s not something that can be changed, however you can disable SSH and/or FTP access when not in use. Options for enabling/disabling these features can be found in the nitoTV > Settings > Utilities > Manage Services menu.

You have to use the following command and the password is also frontrow

ssh -1 frontrow@192.168.x.x

the number after the @ symbol is whatever the IP address is of the AppleTV. Hope that is the solution you need.

Thanks for the info, but that is not what I was looking for. What I want to do is change the password from ‘frontrow’ to something else! I notice in the version of Bash, there is no ‘password’ or even ‘passwd’ command…


Oops, didn’t really read the post that well last night. I was on my iPhone and was just browsing the forum. Not sure if you can do that. Maybe it’s possible to install those commands into the AppleTV.

It sure would be nice to have a small ‘howto’ from the support team for this. I believe this is an important feature that shouldn’t be overlooked. If it is a matter of copying the passwd binary into the /Bin folder, please let me know?


Any news on this, I would like to change the password for security reasons as well.