SSH Password won't be accepted

Hello today, I’ve jailbroken my AppleTV2. I can also see the Seas0npass menu. I would like to join then log in via ssh to the AppleTV2, but PuTTY / KiTTY not let me enter the password. The username is accepted.

What is wrong?





P.S. PuTTY/KiTTY have admin-rights

The screenshot does not help with showing the password you used!

If you have just Jailbroken the system then the username/password combination to use is root/alpine. This is the same for all ATV2 systems.

Thats my Problem, i cant type “alpine”. I can type what i want on my Keyboard - PuTTY/KiTTY dont register that i press any key von my keyboard. As you can see on the screenshot - the username will be accepted.

it is quite normal for the password to not be echoed back when you type it for security reasons.   Note that if you are using PuTTY then you can preset the username password to be used as part of the connection details (at least on the Windows version).  Being lazy that is what I did to avoid having to re-type it every time.


That was a really nice tip! Thank you!