SSH not working for recovering photos from ATV 1st Gen

Hi all,

I’m thrilled to have found this solution (thank you google) for recovering long lost photos trapped in an Apple TV (and some 11 year old home movies when my kids were small). My ATV has been sitting on the shelf for the past decade but there’s about a years worth of photos and I’m finding great motivation as my kids are in high school now.

I am having issues with getting SSH to work so I can use SFTP to get them out. I’m wondering if I need to jailbreak the ATV first? If so, how do I do so? I’ve been using cyberduck (local LAN everything, plugged in via ethernet) as well as trying to ssh in via terminal - ssh frontrow@ (IP address changed just because). I get connection denied in all cases.

Thanks in advance to any help you can give me. I do have a hard drive to USB cradle in a tote in my shop someplace but would vastly prefer to do it via software if possible.