SSH not accept pass alpine. Need help!!

I bought one ATV2 Jailbroken with firmware 4.4.4. Now i want to connect winscp ssh terminal to transfer some add ons to atv2. I just typed pass alpine in, It is not accept this password, like someone jb my atv2 and changed pass. how to reset pass alpine back to winscp?. or i need to rejailbreak again. If i jailbreak agian, Can i use Ifaith and save that firmware 4.4.4 which already JB … Thanks 

The user name is root and the password is alpine

Did you do that?

Thanks! I found out, They changed user name from root to mobile. I rejailbreak it and solved the problem. Thanks all

Actually no, both root and mobile exist. Both, by default, would have a password of alpine. They must have changed the root password.