ssh atv flash without updating it

maybe someone can help me on this one, how do i transfer all the file for the atv flash by ssh so i dont need to update each time the atv flash when a new release is out, i want to be able to use all the time the atv flash 1.0 but now since version 1.1 came out i cannot use anymore version 1.0 to install since it says its out of date. is there a workaround for this?

thank you

Any specific reason why you want to use 1.0?

well i have already version 1.0 and dont want to keep upgrading each time a new version comes out but the problem is the installer always ask you for the latest version before it can flash the atv…any workaround?

If you’re running version 1.0, you don’t need to update.

However, anytime you run the installer the latest version (currently 1.1) will be downloaded and installed. No way around this unfortunately.