SRT subtitles

I am using Infuse 5 latest version with my Apple TV 4K. I am doing something wrong with srt subs naming as they’re not recognized. Could you please verify exact naming rules… thanks for your help.
Regards from Spain

Always have english srt subs for the wife - and the standard naming convention that works with kodi, plex, vlc etc seems just fine.

The srt file name must mach exactly the episode or movie name, but can also have a language identifier at the end before the “.srt”

I’ve set Infuse settings to auto play english subtitles, so my english srt files are named like below:-

and the subtitle would be


I just bought a tool to rename some tv/movies/srt files and I’d like to be sure how the subtitles must be renamed.
Here the explanation is different: Using Subtitles – Firecore
It is said the files have to be renamed with a hyphen etc… Not with a dot ( ) like Coops does.
So which one is the right way ? Or maybe any of them is just fine ?

Right now I have an old infuse version ( infuse4) and when I play a video on my iPhone and I go to option, subtitles, the application show me the list of srt I can choose but it displays the fullname file, not only ENG, FR, etc… Do you understand what I mean ? So it works well anyway, of course, but it’s not “cute”.
I think maybe it is because I have an old version of infuse (?) ( I plan to buy the new version on my aTV4k as soon as I receive my new NAS) but I’d like to be sure to use the correct syntax to rename all my srt files.

Thank you