SRT subtitles

I can’t figure out how to make srt subtitles display on my videos.

I have tried using XBMC as well as Plex as a server, the subtitles are in the same folder as the movie file and the filenames are corresponding.

However the subtitles option on the apple TV app only propose me to choose subtitles from open subtitles

Am I missing something ?

Maybe you are using Plex library. By this way you don’t have access to the subtitles, only the video.

Try with plain SMB, works here

Thank you for your answers, it does work through SMB but SMB does not work really for me. It’s loading forever before telling me that the media couldn’t be loaded, except for small videos (< 50 Mo) that seem to work ok. Streaming with the Plex server works perfectly however.

I had the same issue and discovered the issue was using the plex server. Good old folder sharing from windows worked like a charm but make sure you enter your admin user & pass while adding server so you won’t have issues like sub folder reading and etc.

I have similar problem by connecting to USB drive on my Asus RT-N12 router with UPnP connecting opion. None of .srt showed up when I select any .mkv video.
Watching .mkv video files is even another problem for me until I connected to Asus RT-N12.

  1. Share folder(.mkv didn’t show up): When I connect directly to win7 shared folder on network, I can watch .mp4 but can’t see any .mkv.
  2. Media Server(.mkv with error message): When I connect thru media server (Universal Media Server), I can watch .mp4 and also see .mkv files but it shows error when I watch them.
  3. Asus RT-N12(.srt didn’t show up): No problem for .mp4 and .mkv files but can’t see any .srt file.

Kind of complicated compared with AirVideo HD but which needs a computer running though.

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