Srt subtitles {\an8} tag (render subs on top of screen)


currently, the {\an8} tag is not implemented.

It is a very useful tag for situations where the video has hard-coded subs in the original version, but you need to show soft srt-subs in the translated version (Note: this is not an ‘official’ SubRip tag per se, but is often used for this use case nonetheless. VLC on desktop e.g. implements it.)

An example for such a situation is attached. (Note: screenshot is from iPad version; on iPad, the feature is not as much needed due to the aspect ratio allowing for soft-subs inside the black bar on bottom, which is fine. On Apple TV however, one would see a nasty overlayed subtitle with soft on top of hard-coded, which makes reading longer subs very inconvenient.)


I second subtitle tag {\an8} !!!

It’s on our radar. :wink:

We’re tentatively planned to include a number of subtitle related improvements in 4.3.

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James, subtitles improvements that I’d welcome the most:

  • download subtitles next to video file (as opposed to keeping them in Infuse app itself - RW rights needed naturally)
  • keep only 1 subtitle file per language (the last one overwrites previous one)
  • increase black outline of subtitles (will greatly increase readability)

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