Sprski movie (Film)

Hi there,

I have several movies from which Firecore can’t find the metadata.
Which is fine, Though it still shows a strange title after editing this manually.

The movies from which It can’t find the metadata always show the movie title as Srpski.
Does anybody know why this is happening and/or how i can fix this ?
(see attached)



It’d help if you would provide the filename of the movies you’re having issues with.

Sorry for not adding the titles:

planes (2013)
Rise of the Guardians (2012)
rapunzel (2010)


I copied exactly what you put in this post and just added an extension IE “planes (2013).mkv” “Rise of the Guardians (2012).mkv” and “rapunzel (2010).mkv”.

Both Planes, and Rise Of The Guardians found all metadata and graphics instantly without a problem.

Rapunzel appears to have the wrong year and showed up as “Tangled” I think it was. You have 2010 but it appears the official release was December 24, 2009. This happens a lot on movies since they try to eek in the year of release for some award shows and for the holiday market. If you change that year to 2009 so the file name is “rapunzel (2009).ext” it works flawlessly.

Thank you for your answer.
Look like I have to be more precise with my movies.

One last question, why after manually editing the metadata it still show the movie name ( see picture ) I see the name Srpski?

– Passie

You may check to see if you have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled. If so, try disabling this, and then use the Edit option to refresh metadata to see if that helps.

You made my day. By disabling Embedded Metadata the normal movie titles are shown, Thank you very much.