Spphire not showing IMDB User rating

Hi All

I have recently done a factory restore, fully up-dated and re-flashed my apple TV 1st gen.

Everything is working except I no longer get the IMDB User rating in Sapphire

Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it




There was a scraper update pushed out a week or two ago. Can you try updating the scrapers through the Media --> Settings --> Update Scrapers menu.

Hi James,

Thanks for the reply, I have done that, rebooted the ATV, imported some new films but still not showing the user rating.

I did manually remove and install Sapphire and I don’t have a menu item called media, it is called Sapphire. I have gone into Maintenance and Manage Plugins and it tells me I am running the latest version, 1.0b8.0.7

Any other ideas??