Spotlight not working

Did you solve this? Isn’t it related to country / region? I am not being able to see Spotlight results too.

Spotlight will show library items that have been indexed by Infuse.

You can view the folders that will be included in Spotlight in Infuse > Settings > Library.

Also, there may be a short delay before recently added items are available in Spotlight search as these need to be processed by the system.

Also, if ‘Search Lock’ is enabled in Infuse > Settings > Parental Controls then that would prevent results from appearing in Spotlight as well.

Not working. Does it work for portuguese?

AFAIK, yes. You may give it a bit of time to update after adding media, and ensure you are using the latest iOS 7.2.1 and Infuse 7.6.5 updates.

You may also check to ensure Spotlight is enabled under Infuse’s settings (found in iOS Settings > Infuse).