Spotlight / Alphabet-linked Scrolling

When you have hundreds or thousands of media files, it can a take a very long time to scroll down till the end of the alphabet in the Media Player app.

Two solutions:

For those of us using an iOS devices to navigate, an integrated spotlight-like function would be awesome to quickly narrow things down a bit by allowing you start typing in the letters from any word in the title which would eliminate files that lack the typed characters.

For those using the regular remote, maybe a quick double-tap of the direction button (either up or down) will jump you to the next or previous letter in the alphabet. Or maybe an extended hold on either direction should start a quick-scrolling action jumping from one letter to the next (sort of how iOS allows you to quickly thumb to the letter you want in the Contacts list)

How about adding support to Media Player for BTStack/Bluetooth Keyboards, so that typing the first few letters would move the focus to the library items that share those few letters, the same way this works in OSX’s Finder window?

Spotlight-like elimination of non-matching library items would be even better where the only items remaining in view will be the items matching the text input.

Any updates on how navigation/search will be improved in upcoming releases?

Lots of goodies coming in the next release.  :wink:

Here’s a quick preview of the upcoming search feature.