Spotify, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Crackle That's all



I’d just like to officially request the following:


Spotify, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, and Crackle  That’s all… nothing much…  ;-)



most already available via XBMC and PLAYON

Thanks, but I have Macs, so PlayOn isn’t an option.  XBMC works I know, but I hate using it.  I’d really like simply native apps for Spotify, Pandora, etc.


I’m not complaining, just adding another request.


Many thanks

Hulu Plus definitely. XBMC’s streaming is very unreliable. Not all shows are available through Hulu, Ice Films and Free Cable.

I have PlayOn running on a spare win7 laptop and I would really, really like to have it play on the ATV without XBMC. Navigating through XBMC simply did not work for the family, so we would like to suggest adding a module which allows connecting to PlayOn. thanks. Dave

FYI:  Roku can do PlayOn if you add it as a private channel.

  was thinking about selling the ATV2 and getting a ROKU.  another reason why.

Can private channels play my streamed UPNP served video files?  They are all MPEG4. 

Plex is another private channel you can install, so yes.

Personally, I love the Roku as well as the AppleTV.  I use them both.  Roku has far more channels (of which many suck), but just think of what the ATV will do once apps are available for it.  Plus right now, it is a great receiver for syncing audio all over the house (when used with AirFoil).  Plus, I love being able to rip DVDs and Bds to a drive and stream them to my ATV.  I really find that both are essential.

 I dumped Dish Network 2 weeks ago, got a Roku, ATV, and Leaf indoor powered antenna for each TV, and I couldn’t be happier.  I already had NetFlix, and already paid for Amazon Prime.  The only service I added was Hulu Plus.  So, aside from the upfront hardware costs, I’m only spending an additional $8 per month and lost a $140 bill each month.


My wife misses HGTV, so we just use SkyFire on her iPad, and then stream it to the ATV via AirPlay.  When momma is happy… everyone is happy.  Hope this helps.

If you instal XBMC and use 1CHANNEL and SUPERTV you will effectively replace cable tv

Sounds like jreff pays $250 a year now. Instead of $1000 a year.


I have no idea what those ( & SUPERTV) are, but I’ll certainly look into them.  Thanks for the tip!

+1 for Spotify ! could be awesome