Sporadic Buffering



I appear to be having sporadic buffering problems.

Most of the time the ATV2 (ios5) is playing back content fine on media player over the network (wireless n) from my macbook pro perfectly fine using NFS.  Other times, it just seems to stop working correctly and is buffering every 5 minutes or so - really annoying.


If used for a couple of hours when its working its fine and then anything more than that the buffering problems start to occur even if its been left idle for a few hours.


I have tried to resolve this by restarting the Mac, restarting lowtide the NitoTV app to no avail.


I then have to leave it and then the next day it is fine again.

There are no other processes running on the mac whilst streaming is occurring so that performance is kept maintained.


Any ideas why this is happening?


I was wondering if it could be a device conflicting on the same wireless channel as my network airport extreme base station is on from? Maybe a neighbours network??

I have also logged this as a ticket to support.



The only time I’ve seen this happen was while I was copying a large amount of files onto my external HD, and trying to watch something at the same time. Is anyone else accessing the shared drive when you see the frequent buffering?

Hi all,

Im a first time user of Apple TV and this is my first post, so please go easy on me.

I have a Apple TV2 (4.4.4) wired to Apple Extreme base station (via gigabite cable) with shared external hard drive connected by USB. Im having massive buffering issues with large files. The buffering begins on start up of the file and reoccurs every 5-10 seconds. This happens on both Media Player and XBMC.

I’ve tried using AFP and SMB pathways to connect to the Apple Extreme base station but both methods provide the same results - massive buffering issues.

Smaller files (standard definition) play fine without buffering, so the problem appears to be related to larger files (720p and upwards).

Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks, Phil.