Spoilers in thumbnails

Dear friends at Infuse,
I’ve been very happy with your app until this morning when I opened the application to watch the last episode of Mr Mercedes, the thumbnail picture of the episode was extracted from the last minutes of the show revealing the end of it. So you’ve spoiled the whole thing for me.
Is there any posibility to change the thumbnail settings so the only thing appearing were the poster of the show? Or take the picture from the first minutes?

Thanks in advance.

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Do you have Metadata Fetching enabled in Infuse? If so, Infuse will actually pull these images from TheTVDb instead of generating them from within the app. For example, thumbnails for these particular episodes can be found here. https://www.thetvdb.com/?tab=season&seriesid=327109&seasonid=708372&lid=7

Infuse can generate its own thumbnails in cases where it isn’t able to locate any from an online source, but in these cases Infuse will capture a frame that is ~30 seconds from the beginning of the video.

Hi James,

Why not give the option to blur the thumbnails for unwatched episodes?
I think this option will be appreciate by many users.


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Yes please…

An option to hide plot and blur episode picture for unwatched episodes would be great.