Spoiler free

Some descriptions of TVs episodes contain spoilers. It would be useful to have an option to hide descriptions for TV shows not marked as watched on trakt.


I don’t read them, it works for me…

Haha, but your avoiding them for a reason - spoilers.

If there’s words there it means it got the metadata right. If they’re aren’t words something went wrong. But yeah, no one ever reads those (except OP).

Well you could have some text saying “you have disabled spoilers” or just show the text summary about the show rather than the episode. Once you watch the episode or if trakt says you watched it in the past then you could show the episode description. On iOS if you download a number of episodes for offline playing for a trip you could see spoilers while downloading them.

This could be n option to enable or disable the feature.

No-one actively reads those plot summaries, but your eye wanders involuntarily and may accidentally catch a glimpse - and your brain recognizes words without you (whatever “you” means) having to read them (whatever “read” means). Source: Wikipedia - Typoglycemia

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