Spinorama App

Hi all

I flashed my ATV at the weekend and notice there is a new app of the main page called Spinorama - the app doesn’t have an image and I’m not sure where it came from - or can’t seem to remove it.  Has anyone come across this before?

Thanks in advance.

Same here. I have no idea where that app came from. It appeared after I tried to install the Exposed VNC-Server. I can’t remove the app because I don’t know which package to chose.

Which iOS version are you running?

Which Apple TV are you running?

Which packages did you install?

It’s an Apple TV 2 (720p, MC572FD/A) with iOS 5.0 (4099).

I installed the Exposed VNC-Server via nitoTV and the following packages: "org.tomcool.vncsettings" "com.whatanutbar.exposed"

I could remove all of them successfully but the "Spinorama"-App still appears on the springboard.

Here comes a screenshot.

Hmm, very strange.

Could you run a ‘dpkg -l’ and attach the list that you see, or just send in a bug report (http://forum.firecore.com/topic/4291)?

Please find attached the result of dpkg -l

Noticed the same useless? app after ssh installing exposed.