Spinnning wheel during playback - Synology / Plex MS / ATV / Infuse

Generally infuse is working flawlessly and I love the fact that I no longer have to encode different file formats for Apple TV to play.

The only problem I’m having is that occasionally I’m getting the spinning wheel for extended periods during playback. I can see from the dashboard on my Plex server that it is sending out 4-8Mbs at these times but nothing is playing for minutes at a time.

My setup is Synology NAS running Plex Media Server on the back end with Apple TV4K running Infuse Pro on the front end. Everything is hard wired and everything is on the latest software versions.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what I might be able to change or test?
Thanks in anticipation,

This sounds like it may be a network related issue.

Can you try running a speed test in Infuse to see what kind of speeds you are getting?

This can be done on any device by viewing the settings for the saved share and clicking the Speed Test option.

Thanks James. I ran the test and I’m getting around 5 Mbps average.

Just a suspicion, could you review this recent thread and see if it may be a clue to what you’re seeing?

Thanks Bullseye - I will take a look and report back… :crossed_fingers:

It was my wired network. Must be a dodgy cable from my network switch to the Apple TV in question (in the wall!!). Pulled out the Ethernet cable, connected Wirelessly and my speed went up from 5Mbps to 200! Thanks for the help and have a great new year,.


Before you go all pro wrestler on the cable and yank it out of the wall, a couple of things to try.

First, plug and unplug both ends multiple times. That may clean off a dirty contact or get a stuck spring contact in the connector to pop back into place.

Second, plug it back in and wiggle the wire where it goes into the plug to see if it may be a lose contact connection. This is easy to fix by cutting off the plug and replacing.

I too have literally a couple of miles of Ethernet run in the walls and I’ve have favorable results with both of these solving problems.

Great suggestions!
Have a Happy New Year :partying_face: Bullseye! :dart:

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You do the same! Now you can at least watch your favorite new years movie! Stay safe and glad you got things working.

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