Spinning wheel on tvOS14


On tvOS14 and infuse 6.5, I’m getting a spinning wheel constantly during playback. I didn’t have this issue prior to the updates,

I switched back to plex and was able to play the same videos through with no problem

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you using Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

If using SMB, can you try adjusting the SMB version option found in the share’s settings in Infuse?

I’ve got the same problem. The problem appears only on apple tv, when I watch the same video on Ipad every thing works smooth and fine. Apple tv connected through the cable but Ipad through wifi )
PS: I tried to change smb settings in infuse menu… Nothing changes…

I have the same problem. It starts a movie or show for 30 seconds and the spinning wheel appears. I can’t watch anything.

Did you try changing the streaming cache settings by chance?

No, I didn’t.
It set on auto. Interesting fact that aptv in the living room works fine and no issues at all. Aptv in the bedroom shows only 37 mbit/sec speed in the test as aptv in the living room about 200 mbit.

It could be a quick test to put it on Legacy and see if it changes anything.

Curious about the different speed test results. Could it possibly be a bad cable or cable connection? Could you try connecting via WiFi and see what you get for speed? If you had a different cable you could try even temporarily to see if the cable may be causing problems?

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I am now stuck on “error occurred loading this content.” Something’s busted.

Can you do a speed test inside of Infuse?

I think I am back up and running now. If I get an error again, I will update my post again.


It would benefit others if you’d detail what you changed to get things running again.

Thank you for your support!!! The issue caused by the broken cable.


I agree. I didn’t really do anything besides rebooting everything.

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Those can be a real BEAR to find sometimes! Glad your back up and running. :smile:

Did you decide to go to WiFi or did you change cables? Just curious.

First I checked speed through WiFi it was about 90 Mbit/sec than I changed cable :grin: