Spinning gear

After several years of flawless performance, I am suddenly getting a spinning gear during playback. Movies take a long time to load with spinning gear, then play a few minutes, then spinning gear again. Years ago I had a Jail break ATV flash system and it would do the the same thing. The fix was to delete some cache files in the system and then it was okay again. I am getting the same type of behaviour now. How do I fix?

In an attempt to fix this, I reset my Apple TV to factory settings and reinstalled everything. During the installation I noticed that my Infuse settings had been retained…and the problem persists only now it won’t play anything!

Now, strange as it may seem, it is all working again…this after I restarted the computer feeding the videos and restarted infuse. Videos are appearing and playing almost immediately as they used to, rather than a spinning gear…I wonder what the remedy really was…:slight_smile: It is crazy to suspect everything in the chain from the main router, a 5th generation Time Capsule through to the laptop and all the background programs running on it and back out to the Apple TV