Spinning circle when getting video from Synology NAS

When I click on any favorite folder to see videos from my Synology 218+ NAS, I often get a spinning circle (not the gear) and have to come out of Infuse back to the Apple TV 4K desktop, and then go back into Infuse again and it’s all ok.

When I get into the folder, Infuse plays any of my files up to 60g MKV’s

Does anyone know what the problem could be. The Apple TV and NAS are connected by ethernet.

Do you have the MAC address for the NAS entered in the Advanced options for that share?

What protocol are you using to connect with? SMB, FTP, DLNA, etc.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m using NFS and the MAC addresses were not entered in the advanced option, but they are now. Hope that will make a difference.

If you still run into problems disable any sleep options on your NAS.

Have the same problem (spinning circle) with last version of infuse and SMB share form Synology DS218+ - hdd sleep is off… Tried both WiFi (AC) and LAN.
Update: just tried smb share on my Windows 10 PC - spinning circle again, so it’s not synology ‘Feature" but infuse or Apple TV. …

Have you entered the MAC address as discussed above?