Spinning circle never goes away

Here’s my issue. On the main screen beside the gear icon is the spinning circle that never stops spinning.

When I go into Library I see “Fetching content from…” but it never seems to do anything. The server in question is a Plex server from outside my home. The server has thousands of titles. It just says Fetching but the number of movies and TV shows never goes up.

I’m not sure what it’s doing but it never seems to do anything. I’m connected to 3 plex servers and they all seem to be working fine (searches, playback). One of the Plex servers is in my house.

I’m using Infuse with Apple TV 4k (latest version of software), and Infuse Pro 7.5.2.

I have ICloud sync on but that too doesn’t seem to do anything. I have Infuse on my Mac Mini and it never syncs with my main Apple TV infuse. I live alone and only use one Icloud account with plenty of space on it…

I just bought Infuse. Could you add an option to remove the spinning wheel in the upper right if it means nothing.

I’ve done a fresh reinstall, added back the plex servers and same issue.

Hi there.

The spinning wheel signifies that your library is syncing/updating from the source files server, could be updating art work, fetching meta data or just generally looking for new titles. I think, and I stress I think…that if you are watching a title the syncing process does not continue until you sit on the home menu, it should eventually complete, larger libraries will take take time, remote libraries even more time unless they are on super fast internet. Even my local server can take some time to update sometimes on Gigabit LAN, my library is around 3000 titles.

When it says “Fetching content from…” is it mentioning your media servers?, like mine says my media server name and a progress indicator. It will be trying to sync with all your ‘shares’ that have been added to infuse, perhaps it cannot reach one?

The iCloud sync works fine between my apple TV’s and mobile phones, so if I make a settings change on my phone or one of the TV’s it does update elsewhere also. Strangely on my MacBook Pro the iCloud sync doesnt seem to work but its seldom used there and my library still updates just not the syncing of settings, I guess the OS for a Mac Mini is very simular to that of a MacBook Pro, IE Ventura.

I have left Infuse on this morning and now it’s moved to Fetching Details for {server}. It is upticking once every two seconds is my guess so this will take a while.

So if I leave it on for a few days (gulp) and let it do it’s thing:

a. Will it try to do this every time I open Infuse. Or will it be smart enough just to look for new files?
b. Is this caching all images and filling up my Apple TV storage? Right now it’s under a gig of cached data. Is this just data?
c. Is there a plus to turning off Metadata Fetching and Embedded Metadata ? I have both off. What are they used for? Since I’m using Plex shares do I need this on at all?

One of the mods will be able to answer that accurately for you.

Although I can answer one for you and that is that once a full scan is done and the circle stops whirling the subsequent ones are much shorter, I think it’s just looking for changes.

But you’ll get something more thorough from one of the experts in here.

Not positive how this works if you use a third party media manager (Plex, etc.), but for vanilla Infuse the cache appears (to me) to be made up of images (movie and TV series posters, fanart, and logos, TV season posters, and tv-episode thumbnails); textual metadata (including film and episode synopses and content ratings); and Infuse’s internal cast & crew database (which on completion includes searchable cast and crew listings for all library titles, and perhaps — I’m not certain of this — thumbnail images of cast and crew persons’ headshots).

It should not include video content (such as direct-streamed movie trailers or a users’ library content manually downloaded to their Apple device for later offline use). So, yeah, that 1gb is just data.

If I’ve left something out, or included something that isn’t actually part of the cache, hopefully someone will correct the record.

Infuse will do this once for any libraries you have selected in Infuse > Settings > Libraries. Depending on the connection to the remote server it can be faster or slower

The default for Plex (and Emby/Jellyfin) is to cache textual info only, and then load images on-demand as needed. If you prefer to cache images ahead of time, you can enable the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found under the Advanced section when viewing the settings for the share.

This will not have an effect when using a media server as a source. Infuse will use whatever metadata is present on the server instead of fetching its own.

Hi James! Not quite sure that is correct. I added my PLEX server again 2 days ago:

  • Fetch metadata = Off
  • Embedded metadata = Off
  • (-Pre-Cache pictures = Off)

After an awful long processing Infuse storage usage is around 150-250MB (yes, megabytes) as opposed to a couple of GB when doing the same w/ “Fetch metadata = On”.

I am going to monitor the situation regarding the storage used within the next weeks and hope that this might provide a solution (at least for people w/ PLEX servers) to the complete metadata clearing which takes place regularly at the moment.

In general: Can you elaborate on why it takes such a long time for Infuse (when using a PLEX server backend) to initially process the data? In my case it took many, many hours to process all the files (roughly 3.5k movies and 35k tv shows; probably around 8+ hours of spinning circle and home screen idling). Is it necessary for Infuse to do this? All data is provided by PLEX already, I figure? In comparison: When opening the PLEX app directly, everything is just there. :man_shrugging: No loading, no processing. Isn’t there at least a lot of potential to speed up things for people using Infuse with a PLEX server?

Here’s an example: DZ5SQ

  • Firing up Infuse, processing 379 items took roughly around 30 min.

Maybe you can identify what’s taking so long :slight_smile:

spinning circle never went away. I’m convinced Infuse just can’t handle large Plex shared libraries. The metadata is at 3.0 GB and I have no idea why that’s so large. As a test over the weekend I added a film to my local plex and it took about a day for Infuse to find it. I can’t seem to mark seasons as watched, nor can I remove movies partially watched without marking them as watched. Anyway it looks great but it’s not for me. Irritated I bought it as I was just finding out it doesn’t work well for my setup.

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