Speedport SMB no connection to ATV Flash

i just bought this as a replacement for XBMC which was working fine with my external HDD connected to my dsl-router usb port (Speedport W722V).


when i try to connect to the SMB Share of the Router i get the following error message :

Could not open dir [smb://SPEEDPORT.IP/SPEEDPORT.IP]. Reason: No such file or directory (2)



with xbmc it works flawlessly. now i dont understand for example why there are two times speedport.ip in the name. there should only be one. 


so i just bought this program and cant use it. will you people fix this soon or did i just waste money? :wink:

ok i just fixed this myself. 


instead of letting atv flash look for the share i typed in the IP adress manually. this works. thanks anyway for this great application.