Speeding up videos?

I love watching videos sped up depending on how “filler” the content is, and for a long time I would watch videos sped up using VLC, but once I switched to Infuse I didn’t have the option so I got out of the habit. Recently I remembered how much I enjoyed watching movies, TV shows, anime, etc. at faster speeds, and I want to get back into the habit. I know on the “in development” features variable playback speeds are listed, so I know that they are aware and are working on it, but outside of a few articles online I haven’t heard much from people that watch movies and TV shows faster. Do you guys do this? What apps do you use to do so? I reinstalled VLC to try it again, but even on my iPad Pro 10.5 inch, when a 600MB episode of the Colbert Late Show is sped up beyond 1.2x, the audio doesn’t work. I’m not sure if the process of speeding up videos takes more power than my iPad has, or if VLC just has less efficient programming.

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