Speeding up Scan for changes - it is so slow!

How can I make infuse 6 faster at scanning for changes in my library? I feel like the feature has always been far too slow to be useful, reason being that we mainly use Infuse to watch newly downloaded episodes and movies. When we launch infuse that’s the first thing we’re looking for but it takes many minutes to show up in the Recently added lists or in search. We don’t wait around for that to happen. We just browse the entire folder structure to where the new content is.

I’ve been using Infuse since version 4 and tested Samba, NFS, WebDAV. They all perform the same. My wifi and NAS is very fast. I don’t think my library is very large. I think infuse is just too slow at scanning and I hope you’ll optimise it further in Infuse 6 rather than only doing it for Infuse 7.


Maybe this isn’t possible, but have you coded infuse to first scan directories with the smallest time difference between the current system time and the date the parent directory was last modified? Perhaps you could make infuse skip directories where the time difference is greater than say, 3 days, and circle back to scan them at the end? Or you could take that strategy even further so that infuse looks for directories modified within the last 2 days, and scans those, then within the last week and scans those, then the last month. Don’t scan shared folder directories sequentially alphabetically, don’t bother to verify whether old files were deleted, just be rapid at finding the new stuff and presenting it in the Recently added lists as fast as possible. Don’t even bother about grabbing the latest metadata for content in the background. Just present the old metadata until at least all parent and child directories modified within the last week has been scanned. Then circle back round and do all the rest of the usual stuff.

Just my 2 cents.

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How many files and directories do you have?

443 Movies, 74 Series, 4431 TV Episodes. So it’s around 4864 Files. My directory structure is typical, not too deep and totally compliant with Infuse.

By today’s standards my library is modest with not much to choose from. Another issue I notice is sometimes the main screen lists won’t update/refresh unless you navigate to a different screen and then return to the main screen.

I really should’ve made this post years ago.

Okay so not too many. Similar to my counts. It shouldn’t take minutes to update. If you did a speed test via infuse what does it say? Which connection are you using atm?

One other question, do you have “Background App Refresh” enabled on the devices and if so, have you turned off apps other than infuse to give Infuse the biggest possibility of doing background refreshing?

This really sped things up for me.