Speed vs accessibility | NFS vs SMB vs FTP

Hey guys,

I’m sitting with a little headache here. Obviously, I’m not 24/7 at home and also want to watch a movie or series from my collection when I’m not at home. As I’d like to sync my movies and progress, I have to use a remote address for my collection, instead of a local address (I.e. NAS.local or 192.168.x.x). This, for my iPad as well as my local Apple TV.

My data is stored on a new gen Synology NAS that somehow doesn’t allow me to use SMB over a remote address (perhaps a setting wrong, feel free to suggest), NFS is only local and FTP… Well that works. But my problem is speed vs accessibility. Simply, because in terms of speed it is:

So in order to access my collection both inside and outside the house, I have to use (as far as I can tell) the slowest protocol. Gladly, 90% of streaming is in doors, yet I want to have my movie collection accessible everywhere.

What can I do to optimize both speed and accessibility? Should I stick with FTP (or SFTP) or is there another approach we can take?


I would definitely be starting with why you can’t access files through SMB over the remote address first. Are you feeling like SMB is underperforming even in the house? What version of SMB is being used from NAS to ATV?

I temporarily switched to NFS but I lost patience with the hassle of getting it going with all of my devices. SMB keeps up just fine for me even streaming higher bitrate 4K HDRs.