Speed problems compared to other player

I’ve been using infuse since v3 on different devices (for now it is iPad Pro 11, iPad Pro 9,7, iPad Air 2 and apple TV).
I download movies from my synnology (DS415+) and watch when i out of my appartment.
Downloading of any file was always a pain. 7Gb file took for about a 30 minutes today. I tryed everything. Different SMB versions, NFS. Local adress of exect IP. Nothing helps. I was thinking on my wifi or router (Orbi RBS50).
But then i tryed other well known player (starting from letter “n”).
The download speed of the same file smae wifi and same ipad was 3 minutes.
Guys do you have and ideas why it can be so?

Lots of variables (network speed, connection type, server, etc…) can affect transfers.

Can you try transferring a file via the Wi-Fi upload option to see if this performs any faster for you?

I use same place all the same devices and files. Only 2 different players.

I did it on a 1,8Gb file.
The results are:
Browser 3,5 minute
FTP 9 minutes
Other player 1 minute

Also i found one interesting think.
If i connect to plex using infuse the download speed is like in other player.

Thanks for the info.

We’ll take a look and see if we can track down what may be going on here.

As a life time subscriber hope to hear from you :slight_smile:

Infuse 5.9.3 is now available, and features improved download speeds on iOS.

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