Speed (Plex Server vs Google Drive)

I keep going back and forth between using the Plex app and the Infuse app. I love the audio/video capabilities of Infuse, but prefer the UI and the speed of the Plex app. The speed is the real killer. Would infuse be more nimble for me if I accessed my content via Google Drive? I really, really want to fall in love with Infuse and be monogamous. :slight_smile: Thank you.

We’ve noticed Plex DLNA can be slow at times (for no apparent reason).

One option may be to connect to the Mac/PC/NAS where your movies are stored directly via SMB, NFS, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV. Or to use the Library to browse your Plex share. Either of these should provide very fast browsing (the Library being the fastest option).