Speed capped after changing router

Hi All,

First off, I’m a complete beginner and would like to help with my current issue. I recently upgraded my old TP-Link router to an Asus AXE-7800. My current setup is:

-Media files on Windows 10 laptop (wifi) with Jellyfin to host the files
-ATV4k (ethernet) with Infuse connected to Jellyfin
-Internet speed: 300Mbps

With the previous TP-Link router, I would get speeds of roughly 60Mbps, which was working fine for streaming my 4k movies. There were some buffering issues, but wasn’t too big of a deal. After upgrading my router, my speed dropped to 30Mbps. It seems to be capped at that speed and I can’t determine was the cause is. Not sure if it’s a network setting or something else. Can anyone provide some guidance on how to fix this issue?

I guess the first thing I would like to understand is if the data transfers are happening over WIFI, it looks like from what you said they are.

A laptop hosts the files which are accessible via WIFI, even if the ATV is connected to the Asus via ethernet the actual traffic from the laptop is travelling over WIFI?

I would recommend avoiding WIFI all together in media steaming loops but probably the most important uplink would be the one between the source data and the router, as its a laptop and can be moved around why not just hook up the laptop to the router via ethernet and enjoy glorious 1Gbit speeds :slight_smile: ? Would also prove if there was something funky going on with the laptop all of the sudden as well.

Potentially check if the laptop is connected of 2.5ghz link to the Asus or 5ghz, its a triband wifi router so the WIFI setup is going to be different from the TP-Link. If I assume your laptop is not WIFI 6 capable there could be some sort of issue of compatibility. Sure the router should backwards working with the next best thing but that could be worth looking at…and that is the WIFI band?

Theres a mash of things I think about!