Specify Metadata Type for Shares

Hi there!

Infuse is great (it’s the only player I’ve found for the ATV that’ll play anything I throw at it without issue), but I do miss some of the flexibility of Kodi forks, which is the platform I came from. One feature that I feel would help mitigate some of the metadata issues I’m having (which amount of filename/folder structures not anticipated by Infuse and its metadata scraping) is the ability to specify certain metadata types for individual folders.

E.g., I use independent “Movies” and “TV” shares from my local server. If I could tell Infuse to only inspect “Movies” for movie metadata, and “TV” for television show metadata, it’d avoid a lot of false positives cropping up when viewing my library by movie. (It’s mostly television shows that get mis-classified.)

Alternatively, the ability to specify specific metadata sources would be nice (e.g., TVDB, IMDB, etc.), though I understand this is a much bigger ask as it would require you to build and maintain API-compatible scrapers for all supported services.

Thanks for making a great product!