Specify different addresses for local or remote

Is there any idea to setup both lan and wan ip for NAS using WebDAV with auto detection like homeassistant app does

So I can get full speed with same SSID at home:)

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This is not supported at this time, but it’s an interesting idea.

Moving to suggestions for now.

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I have a small local mirror of the complete library on Google Drive. This would be much needed.

Consider “source priority” as a way of implementing this.

Consider use case of cloud server, home, vacation home, RV and yacht.

Source the most local copy if available.

I can consider home and cloud … maaaaybe RV depending how loosely the word is interpreted … but ‘vacation home’ and … ‘yacht’ … lol … those are use cases, alas, I’ll likely never personally need to consider. But good on ya, mate! :smiley: