Specific video not playing on infuse

Hi everyone, would love to get some feedback if I’m doing something incorrectly. I have a video file I’m attempting to play - Station Eleven. It’s a 1080p HEVC file, with each video file ~1.5GB.

I’ve tried loading it into my tv via PLEX sync & and via normal server (my macbook pro), but every where I try to watch it, it goes directly to the pro screen asking me to activate my pro license. This is on both infuse on my MBP and my apple tv.

However, when I load an episode of modern family which is also 1080p HEVC, with each file size being about 600mb, it plays flawlessly.

In-fact every other video or movie or tv show I’ve loaded works wonderfully, except this one. Anyone have any idea why this may be the case. Would love to understand if it’s something to do with a corrupt file (still plays via VLC on my laptop) or just that the format of the video triggers pro version or something.

Thanks in advance!

The most common reason for needing the PRO version of Infuse is that the video contains a Dolby Digital (AC3, DTS) soundtrack which requires use of licensed software supplied by Dolby.

As this requires a license fee to be paid to Dolby this support is not available in the free version of Infuse.

This restriction is mentioned in the “Getting More With Infuse Pro” near the end of the description of Infuse in the App Store.


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@remotevisitor is spot on, the free version will play some of the basic formats to try Infuse out but to take full advantage, the Pro version adds the paid codecs as well as numerous other great features.

You can see all of the additional features you get with Infuse Pro here.

Thanks so much, appreciate the answer!

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