Specific File: Infuse - Inverted Colors/Stereoscopic Display?; Kodi/VLC - Completely Normal


I just encoded a video file (to HEVC) with Handbrake, using the same settings preset that I have used on nearly 400 videos. Never had a problem before.

On this particular video, Infuse seems to be attempting a stereoscopic display with what appears to be inverted colors.

The same file displays perfectly in Kodi, which is installed on tvOS 11.2.6 via Xcode. (No jailbreak.) It also displays perfectly in VLC. I PREFER TO USE INFUSE, FOR THE RECORD…not trying to claim one product is better than the other.

I’ve attached pics of the Infuse output as [img_1304.jpg], and Kodi output as [img_1303.jpg].

I’ve also attached the MediaInfo data (excluding audio / chapter info) as [mediainfo.png]

Please let me know if you have any idea why Infuse is interpreting the file this way. For the record, the file worked fine prior to compressed on all platforms - Infuse is the only one on which it now fails.

P.S. - If it makes any difference - this is an Apple TV 4K, hooked up to a 1080p television. (I plan on buying a 4K TV very soon.) It shouldn’t matter, because this isn’t the first 4K movie I’ve played on my 1080p TV. Also, HDCP is not the issue - I’ll leave it at that…

Hmm, that is pretty strange.

Would you be able to upload a sample video we can review here?

Thanks! I trimmed off the 1st two minutes of the file and uploaded it for your review.

In case it makes any difference, this was a decrypted UHD Blu-Ray rip, so it was of course already encoded using HEVC - I simply used Handbrake to further compress the file. I’ve found that using software encoding (it took 55 hours) can yield INCREDIBLE compression and quality results. I don’t even bother with hardware-based Intel QSV compression capabilities. This file went from a 45GB file to 9.5GB after the 55 hour encoding period.

But I used pass-thru for everything except the video, which I simply set to encode to HEVC Quality Level 22 in Handbrake, with the encoder set to “slow.”

I have also noticed these symptoms but only on the 1080p tv. My 4k tv works fine. Both are connected to a Apple TV 4k

Strangely, this hasn’t been an issue with previous 4K videos… and of course not at all with 1080p videos.

Can you try updating to the latest 5.8.5 version to see if this issue is still present for you?

We’ve recently addressed a few issues related to 8-bit videos with BT.2020 color profiles.

I’m on the latest beta version. I had forgotten about this. Thank you for following up. I have a 4K TV now - tried it on both the 4K and the same 1080p that it had issues with before. Working great now!

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Awesome! :smiley:

Thanks for following up.

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