Specific episode metadata not being picked up

I’m using Infuse 5.2 on and iPhone but the problem also occurs on Apple TV.

I have episodes of TV programs in Infuse, however the episode title and description are generic of the entire series, not this particular episode. However if I edit the metadata and simply reselect the same program title, Infuse fixes the title & description for this episode and all others in the series.

For example, the title of one example is

Lethal Weapon - S1 . E11 - Lethal Weapon

Notice that the title doesn’t include the specific episode name. Now if I then tap the Edit button, I see that the correct series is already selected in bold. However if I tap that selection, the title & description now get updated:

Lethal Weapon - S1 . E11 - Lawmen

Below are the images. It seems the forum won’t allow attachments, so I’ve put them in dropbox:

Image 1 is the view of the episode before going into Edit

Image 2 is what the Edit page looks like

Image 3 is the view of the episode after reselecting the title from the Edit page:

PS, this problem isn’t new to Infuse 5.2; I’ve had this problem with Infuse 4.x too.

Hmm, I just tried it here with that exact filename and Infuse picked up the correct info straight away.

Is this happening for all your shows, or just a few? Any difference for newly added episodes versus older ones? What type of device are you streaming from?

Hi James,
The files are stored on remote SMB shares. I’ve noticed it on an Windows share and on a NAS box share. It seems to happen with episodes of many different shows.

When I add these episodes to a folder that already has other episodes of the same show, the existing episodes have the correct name & description but the newly added episodes do not. Perhaps that is part of the scenario - adding files to a folder that already has files in it that have already been scanned.

Does that help?

Other shows it happens on are Quantico and Frequency.

Thanks for the info.

We’re looking into this.

More info: I have an episode of Rosewood where the title of the episode is correct (unique to the episode) but the description was the generic description for the entire series.

Same issue here.