Special Lifetime Pricing for Previous 5pro owner - has discount changed?

Hi, I’m an owner of the previous v5 version and when I look at the subscription options in 6, i see a special lifetime pricing of 44.99 (18%) and not the 39.99 that i’ve seen discussed as this year which is roughly 30% off.

Did the prices increase? Or am I not following the steps correctly to see the right pricing? I paid 14.99 for the 5 pro.

Thanks for any help.

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Do you still have the Infuse Pro 5 installed? If you have this installed and then install the free version of 6 then there should be a discounted special cost for the lifetime subscription. Once you do the lifetime subscription you can delete the version 5 pro.

Thanks for replying. Yes, I still have it installed (use it everyday). I was trying to determine if the $44.99 special price is some current special for everyone of if it’s because I own the 5.

I was expecting to see a $39.99 price that i’ve seen posted here and there…

I’m trying to determine if the price went up? Or am I doing something wrong that I can’t see $39.99

That lower price may have been for v4 to lifetime but I don’t recall for sure. There’s a thread here that James went through the same questions as your asking so maybe you can find your answers there. V5 Pro to v6 pricing question

Thanks for linking to that! James says in that post that you should get the full credit of your previous infuse purchase. For me, that was 14.99, but it’s not showing up. I downloaded the free infuse 6 app (not pro) and kept my infuse 5 pro on my ipad, but the special price i’m seeing for lifetime is 44.99 instead of 39.99.

I rechecked my apple receipt email and I indeed paid $14.99. I don’t see any promotional discounts listed on the receipt either… I can provide the order number if that helps.

I’m hoping James can chime in to see if there might be some bug?

The current price of the lifetime special is 44.99, which is $10 off the regular price (pricing will vary by country).

FYI, we’re actually in the process of phasing out the lifetime special, and it will soon be replaced with a different special for the monthly/yearly subscription.

James but you promised to keep lifetime discount for the legacy users for the foreseeable future. So at long last, I decided to go Lifetime with 6.2 but I can get only 15% off now instead of 25%. Can you please set it back to 25% at least till the end of this year? FireCore always keeps their promises as far as I remember, don’t you? :wink:

The upgrade pricing for the lifetime option has been restored for now.

However, this will be getting replaced with a different promo soon.

Thank you! I saw it yesterday and upgraded to Lifetime.
Long live Infuse :slight_smile:

Thanks for speaking up, Nota Bene. I had given up upgrading until this was restored.

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