Speaker selection in Infuse Audio pull down


Why is there no speaker selection in Infuse’s audio pull down menu? Now every time I want to switch speaker, I have to leave Infuse and go to the audio settings menu.
Is this feature planned for an upcoming release?


Unfortunately we’re limited by Apple’s APIs here, but this is something we hope to add in the future if possible.

Hi James,

That’s strange, you wouldn’t be the first app which provides a speaker selection.
For example Zattoo, why can they do it and you don’t?

Thanks for clarification.

Any apps that use the native player will be able to adjust audio output. Since Infuse is its own player, with a wider variety of features and format support, we unfortunately can’t change the audio output at this time.

One interesting shortcut in tvOS 11…

Hold play/pause while on the home screen to access the speaker selection list. :slight_smile: