Spatial Audio on tvOS 15

I’ve been away from ATV and Infuse for a few years now. I just installed the beta to test out spatial audio with my new airpods max and wow - it’s amazing. The problem of course is the disaster known as Plex. I hope Firecore can add support for this as soon as humanly possible. This tech and headphones is what the $600 Dolby Dimensions were supposed to be.

Oooh nice I did not know spatial audio was coming to tvOS15! Very excited for infuse to become compatible with the new OS for Apple TV as I love watching movies/Tv in my AirPods Pro (might upgrade to airpods MAX now).

And for what it’s worth I’m a long time Plex user and infuse and Plex have had a pretty happy marriage on my Apple TV 4K. Plex has always been solid for me.

I’ve been a Plex Pass user for many years now, so I don’t want to hate on it too much. However, Infuse is as popular as it is largely because of the shortcomings of Plex’s ATV client. Like right now I’m having audio sync issues that I’ve never experienced with other clients. I’m assuming it’s because I have to use the ‘old’ Plex player to get spatial audio to work. My hope is that James is able to add support for spatial audio, because I don’t have much faith in Plex to get their client on the right path.

Oh yeah I know what you mean. I switched from the Plex ATV client for that reason myself. Audio sync issues are really bad in the official Plex ATV client. I almost ditched the ATV completely because it was unusable until I found infuse which really saved the day. I don’t get any audio sync issues with Plex + Infuse on ATV.

And with spatial audio I wonder if it’s something Infuse will have to update for, or will it be sort of a system wide thing within tvOS15? I would love to update and try but it seems that is not recommended from the other thread (videos crashing etc).

Not much info here, but a bit more

Sounds like they’re using the same tech my AV receiver uses to upconvert audio to use the height channels. Probably just a Dolby surround package

Whatever they are doing it sounds really good on the Airpods Max. Granted I just got the headphones but the spatial audio with just EAC5.1 sounds amazing. Best Bluetooth/wireless TV audio I’ve experienced and I’ve tried them all.

This is Apple’s tech similar to what Dolby Headphone was, plus Atmos support and head tracking. It is not an upconversion scheme, it takes existing stereo or multichannel tracks available and applies HRTF to trick your brain into hearing “speakers” in virtual space, through headphones (I think they attempt to do it via stereo speakers as well but that is not as effective cause of room and listener position variances). If you’ve heard binaural videos on Youtube, it’s an attempt to recreate something like it in real time from multichannel audio, the difference being that the binaural audio is recorded with special mics in the first place so they don’t require extra processing.

The better news is that I don’t think it should take Infuse to be updated for it specifically to work, it’s supposed to be applied by the ATV after the audio has been decoded (of course excepting the required updates to work with tvOS 15 in general).