Spatial Audio Not Working

So i have this test video (amaze from Dolby Trailers - The Digital Theater).

The settings on the infuse player shows dolby 5.1, however, on the airpods menu, it only shows spatialize stereo instead of spatial, while on quicktime the airpods menu says spatial audio.

And there is a difference in sound. Playing the same mp4 with quicktime produces a noticeably wider soundstage than when playing the exact same video with infuse.

Is this a missing feature? Or am i doing something wrong here?

This is on m1 macbook air with airpods pro

Which “Amaze” do you have?

The first one(top of the list), Amaze-Dolby-thedigitaltheater.mp4

Can you double-check to ensure you are running Infuse 7.3?

Select ‘About Infuse’ from the Infuse menu in the navbar.

Turns out im on infuse 7.2.1.

How do i upgrade to 7.3? There is no update in the app store.

You may want to keep checking. It’s there. you might need to quit the app store app and then restart it. Make sure you’re logged in too.

Ok, i restarted the app store and there was the update. I updated it and now the spatial seems to be working.

Thanks for the help!


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