Spatial audio icon

Would be great if there was a spatial audio icon shown in the metadata similar to how netflix shows it on the media info image

I support this suggestion. However, spatial audio works differently in Infuse. Multi-channel surround sounds and Dolby Atmos (EAC3) all can target Apple Spatial Audio for AirPods and specific models of Beats headphones.

It doesn’t work in the same way as Netflix’s spatial audio.

Netflix’s spatial audio works with all stereo devices, such as TV speakers and headphones, and uses Sennheiser’s Ambeo HRTF model. In contrast, Apple’s spatial audio supports head-tracking and is only compatible with specific headphone models. They are not the same.

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Yes, Infuse is able to play essentially all videos with Spatial Audio, but the type of spatial audio will vary a bit depending on the content type.

  • Dolby Atmos (E-AC3) files will be played in ‘Dolby Atmos’ spatial audio mode. These files will show a ‘Dolby Atmos’ tag when viewing the video details page.
  • Other multichannel formats will play in ‘Multichannel’ spatial audio mode.
  • Stereo formats would of course play in ‘Stereo’ spatial audio mode.

Overall, I am not sure adding a spatial audio icon would be too helpful, since it would end up being shown on all videos. However, there is a somewhat related suggestion for other icons which could make sense at some point.