Spatial audio for AirPods Pro

Just watched the WWDC 2021 Spatial audio video.
Of course you need to use iOS/iPadOS/tvOS APIs …like for everything else.
For the fall 2021 OS releases (so different from what Netflix is doing today), the video specifically states that you can have spatial audio in games (that seems to already be the case with the new Tetris Beat arcade app, so already working with current iOS/iPadOS), so you do not need to use AVPlayer (which I believe Infuse does not use).
There is a new APII AVSampleBufferAudioRenderer that, if I understand well, could be used by Infuse to produce spatial audio Apple Developer Documentation

Anyway, Infuse 7.2 is supposed to have improvements and features for the fall 2021 OS releases so we’ll see what happens.
I bet we will have spatial audio in Infuse in not too long :slight_smile:
@james do not hesitate to confirm :slight_smile:


But you don’t get any Atmos via the computers app or Homesharing ? It’s just DD 5.1 turned into PCM…

tvOS 15 is coming …!

Oh nice! Is the Atmos Dolby Digital + MAT format ? Are these iTunes downloads or where is the content sourced from?

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This is the streaming service type : EAC3(DD+) Atmos, not the Blu-Ray type.
But since Infuse plans to support the Blu-Ray type (as Atmos, that have sais nothing about spatial audio) if I read correctly, who knows what will happen :-).

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Does Remuxer on the iPad keep the Atmos cookie tag when muxing a file with EAC-3? I can get multichannel working with the computers app but not Atmos as I believe you need a Mac with Subler to keep the ‘magic cookie’


You’re right. Remuxer remuxes Files with Atmos audio into files which do not play as Atmos, but only as multichannel, although they show as Atmos in MediaInfo. (iFlicks 3 correctly remuxes Atmos into Atmos).
I just sent an email to the developer of Remuxer.

Actually, Apple apps do not play Atmos remixed by the Remuxer app as Atmos, but Infuse does !

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I am looking forward to this feature :loud_sound: :sound:

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Happy Friday, everyone. :slight_smile:



What a nice surprise! Can’t wait to test it tonight. Thanks, James!


Let’s go!

:flushed: waaaaaat?

Wow Great News. Great Work James Thank You !!!

Only getting stereo spatial audio on multichannel tracks.

Base on my experience, PCM5.1 6ch audio infuse is not supported now always being lag or loading the video when playing this type of audios

Just to clarify…

Spatial audio is not available yet, but will be added in the upcoming 7.2 release. :slight_smile:


Awesome!!! This will finally get me to jump ship to AirPods pro now! Gotta get that Spatial Audio! :smiley: i hope it works for Dolby Atmos EAC3 too!


Costco has them for $169 right now :grin:

Very excited about this. Been using spatial audio so much recently via Plex, few niggles in that so excited to get it working