Spatial audio for AirPods Pro

Absolutely agree, I now use Infuse to quickly watch something I’m bothered about the sound, if I want to watch anything with multichannel, Atmos audio I now use the computer app on the Apple TV to access my iTunes library stored on my computer, this defiantly plays in spatial audio.

I’m hoping Infuse will eventually get multichannel spatial audio and not just stereo spatial audio, if not it won’t be worth resubscribing.

Spatial Audio in iOS 14 was very limited, and was only available to apps which use Apple’s native player (which has a limited set of features).

It seems at least a few things have changed in iOS 15, and we’ll be digging more into the new/updated APIs once we start working on our iOS/tvOS 15 update later this month.

If it’s possible to get it working in Infuse then we’ll make it happen. :slight_smile:


Great to hear @james , thank you!

Yes thanks James that’d be awesome and I’ll finally jump the gun to buy AirPods Pro! Also please make sure it works with Apple TV 4K Gen 1 too!

Looks like Plex says to support spatial audio we have to change the setup to old video player which means uses Apple native player, but I still confused why it will play .mkv file which Apple native player never support (and I did not see transcode happening at server site).

Because plex can repack mkv into mp4 from the server side if possible. mkv and mp4 are just containers rather than video formats. The actual video and audio format can be extracted from the mkv container and put into the mp4 container directly without transcoding. At least for many video and audio formats. So for now, using PLEX is the best way to get support for spatial audio, owing to its media server functions and native player client.

The problem I’m having with Plex (well, and other apps too) is the lip sync issues that are introduced when spatial audio is turned on. The video is at least a frame or two behind the audio. This is with the latest tvOS 15 beta on the 1st gen ATV 4k and AirPods Max. I have some sample video/audio sync files if anyone is interested in verifying this. :slight_smile:

I am using ATV 4K 2021 no problem with lip sync at TVos15 beta for spatial audio.

Latest beta has improved sync for me.

Remember though that your TV will introduce lag, and that varies depending on motion smoothing etc. On my AVR I offset this but you can’t do it on the APPs. I can see I get perfect sync in game mode but just need way of adding delay, but that’s an Apple issue.

Still excited for Infuse to support it. Latest beta also improved sync even for HDR movies in Plex using old player. It’s coming along nicely

Not sure how much to pin on the TV when the sync is fixed by simply toggling spatial audio off.

And I probably shouldn’t have spoken before I checked this for myself. I’ll be damned. Changing to game mode definitely keeps the audio and video in sync. Are you using an LG OLED as well?

Yep! Even weirder is that depending on the frame rate there’s different lag. If you want the least lag in non game mode make sure you turn off any frame interpolation